The Children’s Community at Moussi Montessori (Dentville & Brackendale)

The Children’s Community (Dentville & Brackendale)Our Children’s Community is a place of harmonious cooperation and self-directed learningChildren learn responsibility for their environment, their peers and themselves.  The mixed age group setting breeds virtues of tolerance, benevolence,  cooperation, leadership, volunteerism, and compassion.

The Montessori method prepares children for life on a physical, emotional, spiritual and psychological level.  That they read, write, and multiply by age 5 is merely a byproduct of an approach that trusts and follows the child’s interests. We provide them with a carefully prepared environment that allows for repeated experiences of success and creativity.

Our AMI-trained guide works with children individually and in small groups, meandering through language, mathematics, art, botany, history, culture and music – to name a few.  Each child is met at their respective developmental stage with presentations geared to their interests and capacities.

The Children’s Community is offered for children 2.5 – 6 years at our Dentville & Brackendale locations.