Mission & Vision

IMG_0846Our mission:

Impact society one child at a time through:

  • An AMI Montessori environment: fostering a life-long love of learning in children.
  • Unity: building community through gatherings and service to one another.
  • Benevolence: nurturing a climate of humanitarianism through bilingualism, cultural awareness and Peace Education.

Our vision is of:

  • A school that is a home away from home: a safe, warm, nurturing environment with a family-like atmosphere.
  • Children empowered to lead with dignity, follow with discernment, value diversity, and think independently.
  • A society that does not underestimate the depth of spirit, knowledge and desire of a child.
  • A community of joyful learners who care about their world, are culturally literate, and passionate peace promoters.