Montessori Philosophy

Montessori Education, Squamish BCThe Montessori Method is a revolution in education that points the way towards a more exciting, more natural way of learning. The method engages the child’s attention and promotes the desire to learn, leading them to reach out for new experiences and information, rather than pushing them into a single end result.

The method addresses the whole child, capitalizing on the sensitive periods so prominent in the first 6 years of life:  limited windows of opportunity for the effortless acquisition of skills.  The concept is built on a belief that children are capable of choosing the best path for their own development, and are eager to learn about their world by living and doing.

From practical skills to social courtesies, the philosophy considers the purpose of education not only academic preparation but, more importantly, an aid to life.

The benefits of Montessori education have been consistently proven. From young children to adolescents, Montessori pupils are more accomplished in math and reading, and display a higher sense of justice, fairness, and community.